Market Capitalization of Zen Protocol


ZP was sold in for BTC. The price at the ICO was 0.000284102 BTC for 1 ZP. With a float on release being 20 million coins at the current BTC price in USD would make our MC $46.8 Million.
Now it has been coming up to 6 months, and the ZP team has a one group building on their platform, that being VINX. It would be nice if there was further interest of development on this platform.
It will also be interesting to see which exchanges this will list on. Also what wallets will be available?
In the past many times I have believed I was a clever man, in this instance here I am completely intrigued as to what will happen going forward.
So to predict the Market Cap of this project when it goes live, I am struggling to calculate.
As this asset here is a multidimensional asset, and to wrap my head around the dynamics of this has me struggling. As this is can not be simply speculation but is a project with utility. Now determining the user cases of this utility without actual projects executing on the platform makes it difficult to see if the functionality has real world value…
In the case it doesn’t prove functionality the experiment is a failure…it renders the project worthless…
In the case this is a success, with true world functioning ability that serves useful this multidimensional asset could pull full percentages from the world banking asset class. Making the Market Cap of ZP worth possibly 100s of Billions to start…
Verify by checking the market Cap of the bank u have used most in ur life. Take my favorite for instance being Sberbank the MC is 70 Billion…
It will be fair to say that until ZP has more utility on its built on its blockchain a 2 billion MC is a fair evaluation.
Making the price of the tokens worth, $100 USD per token.

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I would like to think that {if overall market sentiment remains bullish over a longer time span}, Zen Protocol’s Market cap will range from $300mn to $1 bn for some time, before it gains immense utility in the financial sector (might take a couple of years) and boom

On a longer time frame 1-3 years, {taking into account that the whole crypto grows 5-10x, Zen Protocol can easily achieve $70 bn MC ($3500 as per current supply or $700 if we decide 5x scaling or $350 if we decide 10x scaling)

You never know, may be people find Zenp better to do their ICOs on, that’s an added utility which zen protocol is not targeting as it is focused on the finance sector.

Let’s see where we headed. Time will tell.

Best of luck to the team and everyone involved.



It’s been almost a year from your brave job of talking about billions … besides the gypsies in India, I do not see other billions. Capitalization of your token counts to 2 million, that is, wait for me to count 500 times below your forecasts ?! Anyone with a little sense of responsibility would close their computer and get on with something that understands better. Maybe raising poppies in India, I see from your comments that you have been honored with it …