VinX - Decentralized Wine Futures Exchange

Check out VinX for more information about this groundbreaking twist on the traditional wine market.

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The idea of the project looks very promising :blush:

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This being a global decentralized corporation, currently many individuals have visions to what they perceive the future to evolve into.

Though in its current state this is how i see it.

My vision for this in its current form, is a what i refer to it above as, a global decentrilized corporation. The share holders are the token holders, the governance model has been developed to ensure longevity through mhm & voting, the cgp is the development funds which in time will create substantial value. The cgp in the future will have the ability to fund real world projects and businesses owned by the protocol creating further value, as the holders will prosper with each and every development.
As other understand that their ideas for development will also create more throughput and no vision here is beyond this protocols ability.
To not only be the next financial system but also to become a global enterprise is not out of reach or far away. As the investors from large institutions will soon grasp these concepts. At that will force their hands into supporting through investment. To involve themselves they will be required to purchase substantial holdings to voice their support through the governing model. And in doing this they become involved with the independents who will pave the way for advancement in all ways the future requires to meet all global requirements.
Truly this is a grass roots project with the ability for visionaries and investment firms to come together for truly the betterment of the entire global economy.

Vinx was an example of a fail as every project should be built and owned by ZP. As there will never be time wasted with this model.

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