Zen Protocol - Gunship

“Gunship - military aircraft armed with heavy guns, primarily intended for attacking ground targets”

Every system has a point of attack. You must understand who your enemy is, then to ensuring the enemy target is located, identified and overthrown…

I see the enemy as the financial institutions, though how can a system such a small system such as ZP be used as a gunship and lead an attack on such a large enemy?

The past has proven that most assets in the cryptocurrency sector have been used to raise quick capital, to boost prices and for others to buy in at higher prices, the end result is a pump & dump. As how can anything continue to grow without any utility or actual throughput.

So currently, the price of ZP is roughly 20 cents… And at $1 not only will there be 18,000 plus ZP minted a day for another 5 years, but also we will have profit takers… And this is how it has been with all assets…

Now how can we eliminate all sell pressure, indefinitely? Is this even fathomable? As even in the case of using the CGP to pay holders will not stop selling. So how do we use this system to create endless value? And could it be achieved… I believe yes… So a strategic attack would be necessary and a lot of development will be required as to a business plan in using the CGP to purchase real world assets. Businesses that are owned by Zen Protocol and ZP is controlled by the holders.

Now at our current value ZP is not powerful enough to be classified as pellet gun. For ZP to become a gunship the value will need to increase 1,000 times.

Figuring, ZP is able to increase the current mark capitalization to $300,000,000 which will give the token value a worth an approximate value of $10. Then calculating that ever 28 days that the CGP is maxed out and 250,000 ZP is accumulated for the pool. This would give the project $2.5 million in funding monthly. If ZP then has agreements in place to sell the CGP tokens to large instutional investors looking to buy into a new developing ecosystem. The logic in their purchase enables them to become involved with a system that removes all barriers (this i will not detail right now, though it is representative of the “tree of life” which is the philosophy of the project)

ZP then uses the funds raised from the sale of the cgp to buy assets such as crop land, mineral resources, builds and facilities (industrial greenhouses), recycling plants, ecotourism and so on, all owned by ZP.

Without carrying debt on business assets and having effective well groomed and trained management in charge of the assets held by ZP victory is well within grasp. As all management would be accountable to the ZP token holders /community as the holders would be the board of directors. The ZP businesses would hold proper licences along with necessary permits, the corporate taxes would be paid to the appropriate governments, and ZP would have employees and partnerships as like any corporation which was developing. The differences between ZP and all other corporations is that this system would run on a decentralized blockchain and using state of the art fintech. Furthermore all development would be internal through the Zen Protocol, and there woukd be no limitations tp growth and expansion.

A business model such as ZP having the ability to function on a decentralized ledger can become a massive global decentrilized corporation. This project will have the ability for continuous growth if the CGP is utilized correctly. The CGP enables the Protocol to have the potential to fund the purchase of unlimited assets. This will create massive throughput in turn giving an increase in value on an exponential scale over the life of the project.

I am sure there will be many people who will argue though I am stating my thoughts…

Sounds like good idea for people who want project to last. But most people are just interested in short term profit. Will see what developers are really aiming for.

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??? What is this ???

A blockchain if described as a book.

The nodes would be the spine, the pages are the blocks, the transactions are the text, and the miners are the editors.

The publication of the book is the revision, and the distribution would be the copy held by all institutions

The editors/miners are paid in ownership of distribution

Being the utility & demand

The book is journal that everyone who finds use in, contributes to the story.

So it can be thought of as a living testament as to actions and throughput.

Not sure if this is a good explanation or not?

Just most people can relate to the simplicity of this definition

The use of this book, is it changes the ability of accounting, eliminating double spending.

The more advanced the book, the functionality it will create, and with formal verification it eliminates the possibility of errors.

The governance is the legislation as to how the book is to be used, developed and managed. A set of rules that are distributed upfront so all can understand the rules of engagement

As time marches on, the truth will be unveiled as to why Satoshi used POW, as it is evident he could have developed any other model he felt would work.

An editor ensures all grammatical structures are followed

I believe that ZP has a very strong chance of success. Though we might be very much ahead of the understanding curve.

And it could be on a time scale model, possibly 2 years before any adoption

And then we could see mass adoption within 5 years

So in one sense we are extremely lucky to have the abilty to accumulate

As this opportunity may not ever present itself again within our lives.

With the ideology that everything is being done for us, as we do not need to develop, only to remain in Zen (the mind frame and the asset), and to accumulate

It wont matter, what any other crypto does, as that is the hook that will catch most fish

As BCH ot LTC increases and ZP remains at current level, people will become envious and jealous, and take the hook.

The will chase, and that is the easiest mistake

As they are chasing after a few 100% increases

Even if BTC goes to $50,000 that is really nothing.

As ZP will need to only go to $1 for the same % increase

If XMR increases to $500 that also the same as ZP going to $1

The difference lies withnthe fact XMR will need the MC to grow $9 Billion and BTC to grow $900 billion compared to ZP MC growing $22 Million…

Why do you think Zen can reach and hold levels of 10 simply because it exists? I think this is impossible. To reach levels of 10 is a matter of several million dollars and 5 minutes, the team has both money and time. But what the hell will make the value stay on the same levels? Without work and the development of the project, things will not happen, unfortunately so far we have only promises, but what is actually accomplished is going through time with a long delay … The censorship imposed by the team is also very bad for the project. For them a telegram is a place where the project should only boast? But what can be praised in this project besides the bare ambitions of its authors?

@Shkembe I am glad that you have stuck around for so long. Keep that constructive criticism coming, its early days. We will continue to need it now and into the future

I have never left the project. You can learn from the team unless you stopped talking with them after they chased you. Even though I do not think the quantity determines the quality. Two people stuck a telegram with bullshit, stop at least here …