On Attracting Developers, Business Partners, and Investors to ZP

Heres the thing. I think the team is great! @adamperlow "@"Crypto_Chef "@"elanperach at_Sharon_Urban "@"elanperach and others. The tech is unqiue and well built with great principles in mind. The team looks like they are doing a good job flying around, sponsoring conferences and speaking. These are all good things…

Here is what the team seems to not understand or at best underestimate.

Investors, Traders, Hodlers, small time VCs investing in ICOs, revolutionaries, miners, developers, community managers, core team members, the 1%'ers and the 99%'ers — I think thats everyone. We are all here for various reasons. And we are all risking something, and the thing that we are all risking the most of is our attention, focus, and time. Even the most altrusitic of us want to “Do Well by Doing Good”… meaning we want to make money by making the world a better place. If you are only here to make the world a better place and you dont really care about the money, then you are wasting time that could be spent doing other things like joining the peace corp or the UN or UNICEF or any other number of groups that are out there trying to save the world. So please dont give me the speach of “This project will be a success if we liberate people from the confines of the financial system, its really not about the money… price means nothing to me.” This is naive at best and a bold faced lie at worst. We are all risking something because we think its going to pay out in the end, and yes that payout is monetarily.

So lets step a back a bit and look at where the richest crypto people got their (bitcoin/crypto/fiat):

  1. Satoshi Nakamoto - Mining (He/She/They didnt issue themselves coins and get rich from an ICO or get coins that were locked up in a capital raise distributed to them later. They got it through mining, They took a speculative risk spending their time on a project oh and they spent money maintaining their hardware to support the system. Without them and their speculation we wouldnt have gotten here.
  2. Here is the list that Forbes put together back in February. www(dot)forbes(dot)com/richest-in-cryptocurrency/
    —-> you can explore for yourself but most of the crypto-rich were speculators, investors, exchange operators, and there are some devs/founders in there too.

The industry’s greatest accomplishments were able to get done because these people speculated on the project with their time, expertise, and MONEY. And it was their vision and the massive potential to make a ton of money that made most of them stick it out even when times were tough even when the risks looked dire. And it was the money and the potential to make a ton of money that kept them spreading the word, ignoring the nay-sayers and continuing to push onwards.

Money has a lot to do with these projects, its just a fact.

Those developers in the fintech space that the core team is courting, why do you think they are going to use the ZP blockchain? Do you think its because they are so overcome with a desire to save the world from it financial clutches that they are going to choose this technology out of the 100’s of others? NO, they are going to choose ZP because its faster, cheaper, and it scales better… they are making this decision based on how much money they are going to make in the long run. How many middlemen can they squeeze out of the market with a better solution, can they build a product that makes them more money.

All crypto is all about this, its about changing the financial system in a way that makes it more fair. Thats a nice PR Campaign but its really about… How can we build a better product than the current system and how can we deliver more value to potential customers that might use our platform. When you are squeezing out another competitor then there is money in that proposition, thats what makes people excited.

@priam_belenge is a very respected investor. It doesnt mean that his heart is in the wrong place or that he and Libertus Capital are only in it for the money (I think are in it for the right reasons), but he is not running a non-profit that is donating money to blockchain groups looking to build the next form of technology for the good of humanity. Libertus has investors as well I bet, and those investors want to make money… and also they want to push their vision for a fairer economic system. I am 100% positive that the pitch for Libertus was NOT: “We are going to go support blockchain and we think you investors should give us money to do that. We dont really care about monetizing it yet or getting you a return on your money, that might come in the future but we really want to provide better technology to the world out of the goodness of our hearts…oh and by using your money”. Investors are not bad people, but disregarding their concerns and their ideas on the project is just not the right way to handle the people that have taken on risk, WITH YOU and provided capital to you so that you may go out and build a stellar product.

One last thing, Investors can be your greatest champions or your worst enemies. But they are inclined to be your greatest champions because their interests are aligned with the interests of the team and the project at hand.

Give investors the ability to promote the coin
Give investors the ability to say "Hey, you developers over there… stop working on those other crypto platforms and come over here to ZP.
— You can purchase our token at this small but at least reputable/known exchange
— Then you can start developing your business or dAPPs or application on the ZP blockchain.
— As a developer you can play a part in the success of the platform, and hey you can profit in a really large way if ZP becomes a huge hit.
— As an investor you can reach out to developers and convince them that there is potential in this technology and that they personally can benefit in a really large way by purchasing the coin and then growing the ZP ecosystem through their software development expertise.

The potential for profit drives investors, but it also drives developers. Developers can work anywhere on anything and live pretty comfortably doing so, they are in high demand. So what makes a developer want to work on the ZP blockchain? The tech is better! I agree it is, but there is new tech coming out every single day and that trend will continue for the next 3 years. So why does a developer come to the ZP blockchain, because it makes sense for their own personal interests.

I was talking to a developer for the Divi Blockchain, Mark Waser. https://www.linkedin.com/in/markwaser/ He is a friend of mine and I was telling him about ZP. He goes, “Oh that sounds really interesting!! Let me check them out… click click goes the keyboard… I am not finding anything on coinmarketcap.com, are you sure this is a real project?.. Yes Mark, its a real project I said… Mark says well I would steer you to another coin for your business, something that is more established… There is a risk to developing on small coins… I said: No I am going to stick with this team, and I like their project…Mark says well is it on any exchanges?.. well yeah a couple exchanges no one has ever heard of in China, oh you need to send them a picture of your face and a picture of your passport…Mark said: No thank you!” Even Mark, an established Blockchain developer went straight to coinmarketcap to check for information on the project and it wasnt there…I am sure he would have given that absence on coinmarketcap a pass if the coin was listed on an exchange that was recognizable. But yet it seems like we have lost the interest of Mark because its just too risky to invest time into developing on ZP when not even coinmarketcap will list it on their website, and maybe more troubling is that the team doesnt even think that listing on coinmarketcap is important.

So we can sit around and say that coinmarketcap is not important, but clearly it was to this experienced blockchain developer and I am sure the same holds true for many many other developers.

So if its developers we want to come to ZP then we need to make it attractive for them to come here. But not investing in marketing through the established channels like CoinMarketCap (that everyone uses) is a grave mistake in my opinion. The project will grow slower, we will not be able to attract the attention of developers nor of the fintech community… They have litterally thousands of options to choose from and more coming out every day.

Lets create an environment where their investment of time and energy, time and energy that could be spent making $250,000+ per year (yes Mark hires out his blockchain developers for $150 per hour). Those people can be picky and their financial well-being needs to be considered. And if there is no money for them in the short term, well they arent going to work on the project, because lets remember — new developers dont have 6.5 million ZP to look forward to once the lock up period expires. They dont have that HUGE windfall to look forward to. In order for these developers to really hit it big with ZP, they need to invest their own money in the coins AND they need to spend time working on the blockchain. So what does ZP end up getting in the absence of ZP being an attractive project to work on? Software developers that are not as good, because the good ones are off making more money on other projects (this is excluding the core team devs because they are all great and we all know that)

Developers have clients too, do you think they are going to be able to sell their clients on using a blockchain that is NOT on coinmarketcap (the first place that people only “somewhat” familiar with crypto go to first). If it aint listed on coinmarketcap then its really risky.

Partnerships with Real Businesses:
I am having a hell of a time trying to convince my partners to develop our real estate platform on the ZP blockchain… a potential $50 milllion in ZP based tokens would be using this platform. But my investors are like, "Wait so you want me to not only risk $50 million on this crypto play, but you also want me to do it on a coin that is not even listed on coinmarketcap?.. They say, so what happens if this smaller coin project fails and we have invested a bunch of time to developing on their platform?.. Is that going to hurt our project??.. They say, I think we are already taking enough risk in this crypto investment anyways… we dont need to increase that risk by building our project on a coin that is not even listed on coinmarketcap, much less any liquid exchange… They say: Can we just do this on EOS or Cardano or Stellar Lumens? 1+ billion marketcap coins or any business have much less longevitiy (going-concern) risk than smaller coins with less than $10million marketcaps. " … I have to sit back in silence because these are all very fair points.

So while the team and others might think that exhanges and coinmarketcap dont matter, I am seeing the complete opposite with the exact people that ZP is purportedly trying to attract to the platform… the developers in the fintech space and the business partners with real businesses interested in the crypto space.

This needs to change if we want to see this project succeed. Just because the ZP tech is better does not mean the project is going catch on nor does it guarantee success. The competition is fierce, and history is probably littered with businesses that had amazing technology but didnt market it effectively and so they failed miserably… Let’s make sure that ZP does not get put on this list.

I continue to stay invested in this project and will continue to stay supportive, BUT I will not stand idly by while there are mistakes being made, in my opinion.

Just because I have disagreements with these things, does not mean that I am not supportive of this project or the team.

I am happy to talk about this with anyone, whether it be over the phone, by telegram, whatsapp, email, you name it. Hell I will even fly to Israel to meet with people face to face. Happy to do it.

Please DM me "@"mkultra007 if you would like to discuss further or if you would like to make your case for ZP to Mark Waser or my business partners… right now I cant really get them interested for the reasons that I laid out.

I would love a response from the ZP core team members and/or advisors on the subject of this post, here in the thread below.

Thank you all in advance for reading this commentary and providing your response.


Great post mkultra. The telegram has been rife with this discussion. It seems like they are planning for a cryptopia listing. And CMC takes requests which have been linked on to the group by Adam. This is where those marketing tactics of recruiting the swarm would have been helpful. You announce an airdrop and you’ll have 50k telegram users willing to submit a form for 5 ZP each.

It sounds disgraceful but it works. Of course there are more graceful ways to get traction and coverage. I think the team is focussed on attracting the right kind of crowd and probably keeping the swarm at bay. The problem is that it just doesn’t work that way in this world of social media anymore.

Let us hope your earnest analysis and request are received positively.

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I commend the core team and community admins for taking this matter seriously and taking steps to address some of the concerns laid out in this post.

The ability to listen and compromise is the mark of true leadership and the ZP Team with AdamPerlow at the helm is making really great progress in this competitive blockchain landscape. Let’s all get behind them and do what is necessary to build a large community of developers, investors, and strategic partnerships.

As I have said before ZP is going places. let’s keep focused guys and gals.

I will leave this thread with one final note: Do Not Let Perfection Be the Enemy of Progress!


Very good advertising strategy. Could we submit this this for something that the CGP could be used towards?


We could definitely propose that some CGP funds go towards an airdrop… that’s not a terrible strategy.

If we were to do an airdrop right now then we would only be attracting speculators; however, once the ZenDEX launches we could market an airdrop for a time as "Register for the ZenDEX and have your wallet funded with enough ZP to place “5 Free Trades” on the DEX (which may only cost us .5 ZP per user as the fee is around .1 ZP or less).

We would probably have less people spinning up thousands of addresses for a measly 0.5 ZP.

We would also have less people interested, but those that are interested will be interested because of the DEX more so than the free ZP.

What do you about that strategy? @SunDrez @CryptoChef

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We discussed the airdrops thingi earlier…
For me personally,
Airdrop to get more - (telegram users, twitter followers, buyers of token etc.) - NAY.
Airdrop to get more users for the protocol - (only can happen after there is some utility) - YAY.