CGP Should go to the team

If the team has an the ability to use these tokens to support the project further my suggestion is to give it to them. As no one else has use for a massive amount of tokens that have no value.

The CGP must be awarded to the team. The team holds 7.5 million from the premine and another 6.5 million assuming they have mined it all in the past year, as is it seems evident that the mining has been funded by the ICO.

Now combining the ICO premined given to the team and the mined tokens it is a total of 14 million. This being majority, so to discuss CGP or a community it is no longer sensible.

It is time to face the truth decentralized does not mean democratic. Which is my realization. The CEO was self awarded 3 million ZP so obviously it is in his best interest to control cgp as he has a vision and his vision has taken to the project to where we are today. And if u look at the last vote for Yesod, his self awarded holding trumped the entire amount of votes submitted. So really him and the team are the only voices required, and the rest of us “community members” are just bag holding.

The community members witnessed a great ICO platform and lots of energy to attract people to invest. The music stopped once the ICO ended and the price has been wipped out.

ZP down to not even 10% of BTC price of ICO.

So give the CGP to the team. As it is going to a whalepool in anycase. The CGP funds looking at the current value of ZP, along with true daily volume on Bilaxy, these funds raised would not currently pay for a campsite to put a tent on, in the desert.

I am stating the obvious, harsh as it is.

Further discussion of the CGP is not required, as really i am not sure why the team did not just take what the wanted from the amount they currently mine to do exactly what they want to do anyway??? To build an upgraded platform to take tokens from blocks they are currently mining to be spent on what they want to spend them on seems extremely complex and overly complicated considering.

As i dont know who or why a community is required? And when the Zendex is built it shpuld be interesting to see if anyone actually will use this platform, as at that time if there is usuage maybe the token will gain momentum in price and the CGP will help the team to continue building further.

Though the main point here is no need for suggestions as it is pointless, just let the team have it.


You made a lot of assumptions here.
Let’s play it out.

  1. To make this happen, first the team would have to make a proposal to get the cgp funds. Your assumption that they will. My opinion that they won’t.
  2. Now if they won’t, another option would be that you make a proposal with ur receiving address and try to convince others that u will send those funds to the team’s address (if u know it), and try to win.
  3. As you yourself said, they hold the majority of tokens, so even point 2. wouldn’t work as they can vote for another proposal.
    In theory, it’s all well and good, but doesn’t really work practically.

On other points… looking at current supply /demand, correct that currently there’s no need for ‘more’ tokens. Mining is essential, so is incentive /reward for mining, so if can’t find any good use for the tokens in cgp, propose to ‘burn’ / send it to an unspendable address, all the cgp funds every 10k blocks until u wish…

I do not think the team needs additional funds, especially since they do not show how the money raised from the pre-bidding is spent …

Nobody actually realized what Sun was saying was infacts right.
There wasn’t much discussion anyways. People were talking about CGP proposal as if it had been implemented. This is a classic case of counting your chickens before they hatch.

Not enough was done to get the community excited to use the forum.Nobody came here. We came, we say, we left. This died…