Install Zen Node on a cloud VPS in 5 Minutes

This tutorial will guide you on how to quickly install a zen protocol node on a Cloud VPS

I choose to use as my cloud VPS server provider because its easy to install the VPS with only a few clicks because its only $5/month, and because we can choose different server locations worldwide

First, let’s deploy the VPS

Please follow the video I have created, It will explain how to easily deploy the VPS with Ubuntu 18.04

After we deployed the VPS now, we are ready to install the zen node


ZEN NODE Setup Automatic Script

This Script Automates the Zen Setup Process on Your Newly Deployed VPS.

Please Open The VPS Console and log in with your user name and password


  • run the following command

wget -O

  • To Execute the downloaded script, Run:


That’s It!
Just follow the automatic installation process,
The node will start to run automatically once the installation is finished

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