Development Update (10/10/2018)

Updated: October 10, 2018 6:40 PM

Development wise we are currently working on:

  • Stats and Charts added
  • More features for the block explorer - : Search Bar and Timestamp column on address transaction page added.
  • Releasing a web wallet that won’t require downloading any software to your computer. Happy to announce the release of Web Wallet (Beta):
    Learn more here:
  • Oracles implementation- ETA for Basic implementation- 1 month aprox. Delayed
  • @davidbrm is working on adding an offline mode feature to the desktop wallet + explorer so people can sign transactions in offline mode (for advanced users) ; Completed.
  • We are also working on providing CMC all the info that’s required to get listed on CMC. Completed.


The web wallet sounds good, though a hardware wallet would be much better. How is the ledger integration coming along? Systematically does it matter how the wallets are done, sequentially?

How many Oracles are being initially installed? And at the next podcast could we get more information on this, as to the long range overview of how many at this time will be directly tied to the ZP system, a list would be nice to see.

A description of features for block explorer would be good, though I would also like an update on development of contract templates for the ZP system.

Also when the team goes to London next month to attend WBF what is the teams function there? Will ZP be presenting or doing a panel interview? What is it that they are hoping to achieve at this forum?

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I like what was said above and I am also interested in a wallet that I can keep off the web in some form: hardware, etc.

I have not been watching the threads as much as I should but I was wondering what efforts are being made to find associate groups who plan on using the ZP setup. It may help future income and ZP values if some efforts are made towards working with end users to develop, to some degree, along lines of what they are going to need. You can build a better mouse trap but that does not mean anyone will buy it. Instead I have found to helps to build towards what users want/need and then both parties are further ahead. I am not worried about immediate values for ZP. I do not even know if any trading groups even have ZP on their lists of supported blockchain tokens: Binance, Bittrex etc. At some point ZP may need to raise more money and having ZP at a higher price point will only help that. IF ZP is at a low value then often flippers buy and sell the product for their gains and often average values fall hurting any future monies you might need to raise to stay moving forward.

Sorry if a lot of this has already been talked about. I will try to watch closer going forward.

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