*[FUNDED] CGP Payout Proposal -Real Time Forex data source Oracle

The offer: We will build a Forex Oracle Service on top of the Zen Protocol platform for over 200 currency pairs to power Zen Protocol Smart Contracts

www.zporacle.com will provide integration and implantation to real-time Forex data for over 200+ pairs.

A full list of supported currency pairs will be published soon.

We have already contacted a data source supplier and have all the API files ready to integrate and our developers have already started examining the merkelization of the data which must not change

Example of Forex Smart Contracts that can be integrated into our Oracle Service:

  1. Future contracts

  2. Forward contracts

  3. Options

  4. Warrants

  5. Swaps

Server location:

ZPORACLE Data source provider currently has 4 servers worldwide: Oregon, Virginia, Taiwan, and Belgium. Your requests will automatically be routed.


We are currently following the progress of the ZP core team development and planning to launch our Oracle Service after the release of the ZP Oracle user case server

Lead time – up to 30 days from CGP on-chain approval

Price and payment:

  • Payment from the CGP upon delivering of a working Oracle Service ZP195,000

  • looking forward to getting your support

YouTube Video from Development: Запись экрана 2021 01 26 в 15 38 23 - YouTube

BALLOT ID : 020108ba8ff551a7b9b42881dd7353bfc5f915c91f9ff8796de89e74cd8641c0e64601002cc3

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Now that is what I’m talking about.
Leveraging CGP to grow the ecosystem.
Should serve as a nice start for others to begin thinking about taking things further.
Chef is happy today :blush:

Great Idea. I’d also recommend (if you’re open to it) having a sandbox environment test-dot-zporacle-dot-com. Let that point to the zp test net. Perhaps you already have this setup. Propose to build the sandbox first and request some of the CGP. Main benefit of this is incremental delivery and your proposal would clearly identify dependencies and the readiness of those dependencies. That’s one way to better manage people’s expectations.

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