CGP proposal - Adding alternative exchange with BTC, ETH, LTC and 5 other pairs

I. Summary - Dear All,

There is only one exchange (Bilaxy) where investors can buy ZP and there is only one trading pair available (ETH). I would like to make a proposal of 30k ZP from the Common Goods Pool to support an alternative exchange listing with BTC, ETH, LTC and 5 other trading pairs.

II. What - Proposal for a payout of 30k zp from the Common Goods Pool.

III. Why - An alternative exchange provides improved liquidity for ZP. Bilaxy could be hacked (I really hope not) or have technical issues preventing ZP from being traded. Another exchange with more trading pairs would make it easier to invest in ZP.
Unnamed exchange was chosen as there is no delisting policy or minimum volume requirement, so once ZP is listed it will stay that way. Unnamed exchange supports over a hundred coins and tokens.

IV. How - 0.05BTC payment to Unnamed exchange (I have been very conservative with the ZP amount as ZP and the Bitcoin price could change and I do not want to come asking for more funds). Funds left over after listing will be returned to the CGP. I am not getting any referral commission, just helping the community.

V. Who - I have already discussed terms and pricing with the exchange owner, but will need the devs to take over and complete the listing agreement with the exchange.

VI. Deliverables - ZP Unnamed exchange listing with trading pairs BTC, DOGE, WAVES, LTC, UTIP, USDT, ETH and XMR.

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Come on people, discuss.

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I suggest to donate all the zp token to the less fortunate during this time of global crisis…