*[FUNDED]* 10k ZP Distribution Plan- [Winner- 29th Interval] CGP Proposal-To Get the ball rolling with Common Goods Pool (CGP) Payout

The following Proposal was approved and won the voting–funds received–Please find the plan for distributing these 10k ZP below:

Ballot ID:




10k ZP Distribution Plan

#1. Six randomly chosen winners get 500 ZP each, Total = 3000 ZP.

How to participate:

Go to github and “Star” the following Zen Protocol repo:

Closing Date: Currently this repo has 30 stars. So, the closing date is when this repo reaches 100 stars and winners will be announced soon after that.

Update: 8th Feb 2021: We randomly chose 3 winners from 52 stargazers. Please claim your reward.

P.S: Bonus points if you star the remaining ZP related repos.


#2. One (Best) Video submission gets 1000 ZP, Total= 1000 ZP.

How to Participate:

Create an explainer / walkthrough video explaining what is CGP (Common Goods Pool), how to nominate/ vote onchain etc or anything else your would want to add. Upload it at your end on YouTube or any other video platform, or send me the video, I will upload it at my end.

  • Ideally you should create the video when actual voting is live on-chain, in any of the intervals.
  • If there is more than 1 submission then it will be put to vote in the Telegram Channel to decide on the winner.

Closing Date for submission: 2 Weeks after the first submission is made. And the winner will be announced after that.


#3. (5 trivia paid- Rest cancelled, instead will do another puzzle) Two Hundred ZP for Ten Trivia Winners, Total = 2000 ZP.

How to Participate:

  • a. Five questions will be asked in our Telegram room. First person to give the correct answer wins 200 ZP.

1st.winner - Paid.
2nd winner - Paid.
3rd winner - Paid.

Timing for trivia: Random. There is no fixed timing for trivia. I will post the question randomly in the room. So, keep a look out for it. :slight_smile:

  • b. Five questions will be tweeted from the following account. First person to reply to that tweet with the correct answer will receive 200 ZP each.


1st.winner - Paid.
2nd winner - Paid.

Timing for Trivia on Twitter: Random. There is no fixed timing for trivia. I will post the question as a tweet randomly from the above account. So, may be you want to follow and turn the tweet notification on. :wink:

P.S: If you win the trivia once, please refrain from participating again, as it’s fair to give others a chance as well. :slight_smile:


#4. One Winner gets 500 ZP. Total= 500 ZP

How to Participate:

Make a tweet about Zen Protocol and include the hashtag #CGPpayout in your tweet. The tweet that gets the most traction (likes + retweets + comments, minimum 20 all included) will be the winner and gets 500 ZP.

Closing Date: Two weeks after we have the first tweet with #CGPpayout hashtag. Winner will be contacted on twitter.


#5. [Paid] One Thousand ZP in a wallet, the seed words of which will be put in 2 different puzzles. Whoever solves that puzzle, keeps those ZP Total= 2000zp

First Puzzle was a Minecraft Java Edition game to win 1000 zp. First person to find all the 24 seeds wins (There are 24 seed words hidden in the mazes) (transfer zp out to your personal wallet ASAP by accessing the zp desktop or webwallet and importing the wallet with those 24 seed words found in the puzzle)

Users familiar with Minecraft will know what to do.

Others will need to login using someone’s Minecraft account or download the game.

So, get READY.

Server address will be posted here anytime in next 2 hrs

Here is the Server address for our Treasure Hunt.

1 K Z e n . m i n e h u t . g g (without space)


The winner successfully solved the treasure hunt and secured the funds.


*300 ZP were paid to the person who created the minecraft puzzle.

Second puzzle will be a crossword puzzle. Details of which will be posted here, on twitter and Telegram room.

Puzzle solved and funds accessed. Congrats to the winner.

#6. [PAID] One thousand and Five Hundred ZP for @CryptoMinerOS_Leafpool who’s been running the leafpool efficiently. Just a very small token of appreciation, Total= 1500ZP


#7. [PAID] Seven Hundred ZP for the next winning on-chain CGP payout proposal, Total= 700ZP


Total Distribution: 10,000 ZP

Let’s show our fun sports spirit. :slight_smile:


I. Summary - Dear All,

As there had been 3 on-chain votes until now already and no one have made any proposals regarding any Common Goods Pools (CGP) payout, I thought I shall get the ball rolling. I’m sure the devs have tested the payout feature extensively in the test environment, but we should test it out in real life :). So, I would like to make a proposal of 10k ZP from the Common Goods Pool.

II. What - Proposal for a payout of 10k zp from the Common Goods Pool.

III. Why - Firstly to test the CGP feature in real life, secondly to get the ball rolling.

If it is just for a test, then what will you do with the funds and why 10kzp and not 10?

  • I am thinking to use the 10k zp to organise some competitions, trivia etc in the official Zen Protocol Telegram room over a period of few weeks and give away 400zp each to 25 winners (numbers subject to channge) details of which I will post later in the Telegram room.

  • As, there is a threshold of 3% of existing ZP to nominate a proposal for it to move to the voting phase, i personally think it’s not worth it for the community to move millions of zp to nominate for only 10zp payout.

IV. How - Distribute the funds by organising some challenges, puzzles, competitions, trivia etc.

V. Who - Chef will organise.

VI. Deliverables - Chef won’t keep the 10k zp for himself, will give away all of the funds by organising some challenges, trivia etc in the Telegram room.

What does the community think? Let me know in the comments here. Open for any other suggestions for any other use of the said 10k zp.


Sounds good to me. Is this considered the official proposal?

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Welcome @Raisy to the forum. Better late than never :slight_smile:
As, nomination phase on-chain only lasts 1.5 days, i think it’s better to discuss any proposals here beforehand to gauge community interest.
Once the on-chain nomination starts and if there is enough interest in this proposal, i will then make a proposal on-chain for the said amount, with my wallet address as payout address.
And once it’s live on-chain, then i shall share the ballot id of the said proposal for the community to vote on in the nomination phase.

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Good start. Let’s do it. Another idea can be to organize a competition for community goods for any sum (100k zp or more) to see what one can do with it. As in:

  • user A submits his plan what he plans to do with 100k ZP
  • user B does the same, etc
  • They include plans, and are responsible for it
  • Community votes for the best plan
  • User does what he promised to do (funds can be kept on a multisig with chef, user who won, community guy X as signers)
  • Profit… or none )
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For #2 above,
We have our first submission for the video

2 weeks now for anyone to submit their own video before the winner is chosen.