[Funded] ZP lisiting on Coinstore

Hello, dear community,

As you are aware, there are currently no listings for the Zen Protocol. However, after speaking with Coinstore exchange on behalf of the community (Koko, Chef, Mk), they agreed to list ZP in exchange for a lump sum payment of $10,000.

We propose to get 1,000,000 (one million) zp from the CGP and offer them to the community in order to raise that sum of money. The suggested price per zp is in the range of $0.015 and $0.020. All money will be collected and kept with Chef. We are certain that we can raise the necessary $10,000 to list on Coinstore (the listing proposal from coinstore can be found on the main channel dated 17th January 2023). The important aspect is having some funds available so that we can use it for listing, while we are also searching for alternative exchanges.

Here is Chef wallet for 1,000,000 zp


We hope you will all vote for zp since we think it’s time for it to return to an exchange. Thank you for your time!

Link to vote:

(p.s- any extra left over zp will be sent back to the CGP)

Latest update (2nd August 2023)

  • 14k usd contributed for 700k zp at 2 cents

  • 10k usd for listing on coinstore

  • 500 usd will be used for liquidity (mandatory requirement of the exchange)

  • 25k zp will be used for liquidity (mandatory requirement of the exchange)

  • 200k zp will be used for running contests and promotions on coinstore for few months after listing (all contests can be viewed on the listing offer pdf last row).

  • We contacted a couple more exchanges. And if anyone replies and agrees to list, 3.5k will be used for the same. If it doesn’t happen with in 2 months then zp will be bought back from the market for 3.5k usd and sent back to cgp. - Update [4k usd for listing on p2b]

  • [Sent] remaining 75k zp will be returned to CGP in a few weeks - Transaction hash: Zen Protocol Transaction 3796b2e55b5486178cae527612dad6f036362e5353a75986d3fb699f0e059fb5

Total of 1,000,000 zp accounted for!!


I would certainly support this effort. go on. I am ready to support it with $5k at $0.015 per ZP

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Here is the Ballot ID


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Aah. So glad that this happened.

A community member proposed selling 1 Million ZP through OTC trades and was able to raise 14K USD through it.

caveat: It needed a trusted participant in the form of “The Chef” to act as an escrow for all the funds.

The next big question is: If or When Coinstore will deliver?