Proposal: Objective 1 - Increase Network Hashrate


100,000 ZP
Payout Address: zen1qpjk934dq97h2jz78r4r762z0ncff4m09vp5hx5znnlevk22qwecstqjym4
BallotID: 02010cac58d5a02faea90bc71d47ed284f9e129aede560697350539ff2cb2940767101003401

We are all concerned with the current state of ZP, but are very much looking forward to the Blockchain Apps from the white paper being eventually realized.

Thankfully Blockchain Development Ltd has provided us with the CGP and a means for proposing and voting on projects to let us participate in the growth of the ecosystem.

Over the next 18-24 months, we will seek to increase the following metrics by attacking the following Objectives:

  • Increase Network Hashrate
  • Increase total Zen Protocol wallets
  • Increase Transactions Volume & (eventually ZP Oracle usage)
  • Increase CEX Trading Volume & (eventually ZP DEX trading Volume)

We will drive and increase the fundamental metrics of the Zen Protocol Network and Community, which are necessary elements to attract the attention of product owners, developers, customers, and investors alike.

While we are not focusing specifically on token price nor setting our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in any way based on price, we believe our efforts will create the foundation to sustain continued growth of investment into our community and give purchasing power to the CGP in order to fund future projects that we all deem worthy of community funds.

Objective 1: Increase Hash Rate (400K ZP)

There has long been speculation that there exists an ASIC for mining ZP, but this ASIC capability has not been publicly advertised. We intend to make this information public by targeting various ASIC devices which we think have the potential to mine ZP, developing the firmware to enable that mining, and subsequently open source that firmware to the community.

We propose to draw 100K ZP from the CGP to be used to fund some of phase 1, although MKUltra will be purchasing the ASIC with his own funds and 300K ZP to be paid as a bounty once the firmware is developed, tested, and ready for release to the community completing the second phase of this objective.

Phase 1 (100K ZP)

  • @MKUltra to Purchase Goldshell HS3 or comparable ASIC, which we expect to cost around $12,000
  • @jamesscaggs to Develop firmware to mine ZP using the purchased ASIC, which we expect to cost around $20,000

Phase 2 (300K ZP)

  • We will open source firmware developed for mining ZP for the ASIC that we purchase.
  • As a part of this we will provide a mining tutorial to assist other miners in ramping up their operations to support the network with their hashrate.
  • @CryptoChef will be holding these funds in escrow until the firmware is open sourced and delivered as promised. If we fail to deliver, then these funds will be sent back to the CGP.

Future Proposals

We would prefer to have a larger group of developers working on these projects with us, so if you have knowledge and expertise please reach out to @CryptoChef, @jamesscaggs or myself @mkultra

We are looking forward to continuing to build and be good stewards of this community. Be on the lookout for future proposals, they will be coming.

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all this is great, but it comes from poor compromised souls and for this reason it is not trustworthy …