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Organic vs Artificial growth in regards to this new asset class being Zen Protocol.

Why would Zen Protocol go into exchanges? When in fact they can build on the platform the ability to swap ZP tokens for Bitcoin with the use of smart contracts.

Supporting the BTC Blockchain which ZP does why utilize manipulated exchanges? When BTC is the key figure to all exchanges. ZP should remain an asset that does not cross over into the world of pure manipulation of exchanges.

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I see @SunDrez where you coming from. I agree with the manipulation part, as a lot of exchanges are unregulated, but that should change in the coming years.

On the other hand, for example if you are a creator, artist, manufacturer etc, wouldn’t you want distributors all over the globe which will help, rather than constraining it to one single platform!

Yes, enabling such platform for swaps is a good idea as an addition, but restricting the whole ecosystem to 1 platform might not be.

I like your ideas though. Keep rocking…:star_struck: