Zen Protocol Theoretical Questions

  1. Could Zen Protocol own physical assets, such as businesses, land, real easte, mineral rights and so on?
  2. If assets could be owned by ZP, under the license agreement would these holdings legally be defined? Would the holders of the tokens have control under all circumstances or would the 4 partners who created the software have full entitlement to the assets? As this would be a business, and understanding this clearly is required. If the token holders only have voting rights, and all real world asset development would give entitlement to the business creators then this i can not support. Though in the case that the token holders are given full corporate governance indefinitely without any legal opportunities that what is further developed could be taken away from the community we have created something thats reach is endless. What this could be is the next new world order.
  3. the use of the cgp pool with the right people involved from the ground floor, if we aim to purchase real world assets could within the next 36 months become one of the largest corporations in the world. Though we need a clear and direct understanding of what this system can own and identify what the token holders are entitled to.

These are pretty loaded questions that need clarification. What exactly are you referring to as Zen Protocol here? The company in Seychelles, the blockchain, the token, the community? You need to disambiguate.

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Lets begin with #1, being the first question. Hopefully this can be simplified enough so that it can be answered.

  1. Can “Zen Protocol” own physical assets, such as businesses, land, real easte, mineral rights and so on?

When referencing Zen Protocol in this question I am discussing a possibility. This is a “RFI” or “Request For Information” to understand if ZP can become more than software.

The ideology of the logic is explained under “Zen Protocol - Gunship”.

Once the answer to this simple question is established, details on other questions can be discussed.

Note**** my objective is to gain information and bring ideas forward. This is new technology and in comparison with Tezos or other projects in this sector it is beneficial to explore all available avenues to obtain the highest level of success