Oracle Systems Development

Individual Oracle Ranking System.

Outside Information being brought from one EcoSystem into a Secure BlockChain requires a point of entry.

A single point of entry would sacrifice either security (multiple entry points) or decenrilization (single point of entry at give location creates a vulnerability, if point is shutdown).

Multiple decentrilized data centers would be required to format data to bring across the required data to finalize Smart Contracts.

Data Centers will require payment for their services. The Data Centers will require to be integrated into the blockchain much like a staking provider.

In an ecosystem that is POS the staking providers are in a managing position. This system would be optium for oracle development. As the dynamics of the staking entities creates immediate incentive to manage further data crossing into the ecosystem.

In a POW model. And in this specific case being a POW model with an underlying governance model, including the Common Goods Pool. Could be effective in Oracle creation only if funding was submitted to multiple parties. The parties trusted to develop and cross data into the blockchain too finalize the outcome in the smart contracts for accounts recievable / payment to the winner, can be monitored by the holders and much like the Block reward to the miners the community determines the contracts to the oracle or data providers according to thier performance.

Determining measure of performance, operational time during contracted period and correctness of data supplied.