Zen Protocol - Gunship

Jesus Christ is my Savior. This is the difference in many beliefs. As some do not believe though I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ.

Jesus Saves

Sounds like good idea for people who want project to last. But most people are just interested in short term profit. Will see what developers are really aiming for.

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??? What is this ???

Why do you think Zen can reach and hold levels of 10 simply because it exists? I think this is impossible. To reach levels of 10 is a matter of several million dollars and 5 minutes, the team has both money and time. But what the hell will make the value stay on the same levels? Without work and the development of the project, things will not happen, unfortunately so far we have only promises, but what is actually accomplished is going through time with a long delay … The censorship imposed by the team is also very bad for the project. For them a telegram is a place where the project should only boast? But what can be praised in this project besides the bare ambitions of its authors?

@Shkembe I am glad that you have stuck around for so long. Keep that constructive criticism coming, its early days. We will continue to need it now and into the future

I have never left the project. You can learn from the team unless you stopped talking with them after they chased you. Even though I do not think the quantity determines the quality. Two people stuck a telegram with bullshit, stop at least here …