Different languages support for the Wallet

Hello my dear All,

Chef here again :blush:

Just a “shower thought” that I had, so sharing it here with you all, to know what you think.

Will it be helpful if our Zen Wallet had support for different Languages like Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, German… at least!
I’m thinking long term and for the translation we can make use of the Common Goods Pool.

I can coordinate the onchain proposal and distribution to the community members who translates.

You think it’s something that we shall take upon us and would be beneficial for the ecosystem in the long run?!

Basic details on how we can go about it.
Maybe following steps:

  1. As a community first ascertain if it’s something that we shall do, here on the forum.

  2. Agree on a $ (Dollar) number per language translation. If and when we go ahead then I can request payout from CGP accordingly during that time.

  3. Maybe also have a smaller bounty for some one in the community to proof read and double check the translation.

  4. Current devs can implement if not busy with other more important things. If not may be have a developer from the community itself to do the code and make pull requests! (this we can discuss at a later stage)

Further exact details I can work on depending on how much of a positive response we get for this idea.

Do discuss here please.

Let’s Build together.

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Just want to see how many views the post got, so need 1 reply :blush:

this is a great idea. It is also a good litmus test for slowly engaging/encouraging more developers from the opensource community to engage in the project. I’d hypothesize that the wallet code base would first need to be localised/internationalised.

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Thanks @thehogfather.

I know you worked on the wallet on your end.

If you willing then guide me / would you like to do the localisation of the code!

I can then organise the bounty for the translations and the code work aswell from CGP accordingly.

Dm me on telegram and let’s discuss further on what all needs to be done.

Looked at the wallet repo just now.
The code would first need to be refactored significantly to support localisation. For the non-technical person reading this, the process roughly involves making sure that the text visible in an application are pulled out into template strings whose values can be dynamically changed. Would require bringing in a library to manage that and the contributor would have to update nearly all the files in the repository while making sure no functionality is broken in the process. If this were a feature the community were excited about, then a ‘core’ dev would need to commit to reviewing the refactored changes that brings localisation/internationalisation to the wallet.

I’d love to see a bit more engagement from others - just to gauge interest. The prerequisite work I’m describing here is not a trivial amount of work. Although subsequent translations to other languages should be trivially simple to achieve.

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It would appear that the desktop wallet found at GitHub - zenprotocol/zenwallet: User interface for the Zen Protocol client. has been deprecated. See Deprecated Desktop Wallet - Zen Protocol Documentation
In principle shouldn’t stop the generation of ideas, but the current wallet that is distributed on the website appears not to be compiled from the open source version on github.

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