Comparison.... Experiments

If it is possible to seduce yourself, to come out of your hiding place and stand up. Hiding is required when insecurieties reign.

If these characters understood. Blockchains can be regulated to a certain degree which will still control outputs.

In developing my first crypto “×” the weak poibt that were found, were in exchanges, wallets and POW Miners who worked in unisen to stop and retract the Blockchain…

Developing a decentrilized multifaced blockchain requires 3rd party complete developement in all aspects of onchain wnd offchain maintwnqncem, upgrades and attempted breaches.

funding will be needed for automated hash power rented insystem. Thw program for this automated system could be initated on the ZP BlockChain. Very forward thinking.

ZP Mining from rented server online. Online server produces y amount of hash over x amount of time. That server is embedded within the blockchain statistical numbers. The hash is paid for after said time is delivered. CgP can award multiple assets.

Secure contract supplying hash endlessly under full automation…