Guidelines for CGP Proposals

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All feedback welcome.

As currently there’s no set formal procedure for any CGP guidelines, I thought maybe we can put something together.

We can use this forum to discuss CGP proposals.

Broadly, any proposal made should atleast have the following:

I. Summary.
II. What.
III. Why.
IV. How.
V. Who.
VI. Deliverables.
VII. Pricing and terms.
VIII. Additional notes.

As, CGP will be a very simple implementation of onchain allocation of funds via decentralised voting. I was thinking, we as a community can debate and see what’s the best way forward.
One idea I have is, first we/anyone make a proposal here on the forum following these above guidelines.
If the proposal has deliverables then we first here on the forum approve it/disapprove it off-chain. If approved here, the proposal’s ‘who’ works on it and delivers the ’ Deliverables’ set in the proposal.
Once delivered, then he/she/they makes the proposal with the amount specified here, on the current round of on-chain voting. And we as a community ensures that this proposal with the agreed amount wins the vote.

I can probably give example as well, if it’s not clear.
Let’s discuss.

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