Proposal to use 150k ZP to buy Blackminer F1+

Subject: Blackminer F1+

I would like to propose to use 150k zp to buy 6 or 7 Blackminer F1+ ($1350). With 7xF1+, we will get a total of 245GH/s, which in turn gives about 250-300zp daily (actual payout). All the mined zp will be of course send to a community wallet where Chef have access. Within 10 months, we should break even (ok maybe longer but max would be 10-12 months).

You might all be asking how I am going to sell the 150k zp without tanking the price? Well I am ready to buy 30k zp at current price of $0.055 and the remaining 120k will put at market price. What I am saying is that the money collected from the 150k zp sale will be use to buy the F1+. Chef can handle all the money and I’ll do the setup part ( well nothing much to do).

I believe this will work and we have nothing to lose. Here is the website for the F1+ purchase.

Oh and the daily charge is $2 per unit/ hosted (meaning we don’t have to pay for electricity and other stuff).

Also community can decide what to do with the mined zp by voting. It’s a win-win scenario.

Ok, apologize for my English and I hope you understand what I am trying to do for the community and maybe we can use some of the fund for marketing. Also, lets not let the “Miner” mine all the zp. Time to rise my fellow friends.

All expenses will be recorded and made available 24/7.

Have a great day.

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